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Stakeholder Outreach and Risk Communications

SEA connects the dots among internal and external stakeholders to develop unique solutions for challenging situations.  The SEA way is to understand and anticipate client and team needs, draw upon expert experience to leverage knowledge, design a clear path forward to the goal, and tap into multi-directional channels to produce user-relevant, quality, credible and defensible work products.  We have capability in knowledge-based risk communications to inform and support corporate and agency external communications programs.  Outreach (1-way messaging) seems to be the most popular term for working with stakeholders, but we have learned that engagement (2-way dialogue) can be more effective.  We have managed external communications for new industry projects, and extensive experience in scientific coordination and communication.

Our project approach is founded on knowledge-based, issue-specific stakeholder engagement and dialogue to help assure accurate understanding of stakeholder risk perceptions, and subsequent communications to address identified perceptions.  We were selected for a nationwide risk communications project, using the mental models approach, aimed at improving government and industry decision making.  We have produced videos, fact sheets, Q&As and FAQs, and issue papers on topics of perceived risks to stakeholder health and safety.  We support the open house approach to community meetings, rather than town halls, as a better way to share knowledge and address people’s questions and concerns on specific topics of interest.

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