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Project Support

Over the years, we have been engaged on numerous multi-year technical projects to support proactive and credible decision making for our clients.  Our projects have involved original research, integrating research results, developing topic-specific videos, and coordinating the collective efforts of many government and industry decision makers and researchers across the country.  With a recognized reputation of fairness, competence, and trustworthiness, SEA builds bridges among diverse stakeholders on topics of shared interest and concern.

SEA Consulting continues to provide technical support to US EPA Federal On-scene Coordinators (FOSCs) and Regional Response Teams (RRTs) for oil and hazardous materials response, removal and preparedness, as we have in the past to the NOAA and the US Coast Guard.  We have also provided long-term staff support to industry clients, including continuous support to a major utility since 1993. 

SEA has specialized, unique capabilities in public-private partnerships - delivering regional and national work products based on technical consensus from government, industry, academic and NGO representatives.  We have a robust history in managing projects involving regional and national level public-private sector partnerships which integrate technical knowledge and consensus among government-industry-academic-NGO stakeholders. 

Examples of technical consensus reports resulting from SEA partnership projects  

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