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Preparedness and Response

preparedness and response

Whether for a technological or natural disaster, crisis, or other emergency, this group of services is our core expertise.  SEA personnel have continuously performed emergency preparedness, management and response work across many sectors.  We possess the know-how and experience to develop disaster, catastrophic, security, and pollution contingency and response plans which integrate emergency management policies and procedures for all levels of government and private sector clients.  

SEA personnel served as Incident Commander and NOAA Scientific Support Coordinators (40 CFR Part 300.145.c) to US Coast Guard (USCG) Federal On-scene Coordinators (FOSC) on over 300 coastal and inland pollution incidents nationwide, including oil spills from the Exxon Valdez, Ashland Oil storage tank, and Deepwater Horizon MC252 well.  SEA personnel have provided technical assistance and sampling support to US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) under Superfund Technical Assistance and Response Team subcontracts since 1997 in Regions I, II, III and IV (US east coast).  We have worked with Regional Response Teams (RRT) nationwide and possess practical experience in response management under the National Response Framework (NRF), National Response System (NRS), National Incident Management System (NIMS), Unified Command (UC) and the Incident Action Plan (IAP) Planning P.  When the Incident Command System (ICS) was being considered at the national level for pollution response, SEA was commissioned by the U.S. Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, the American Petroleum Institute, International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) to prepare a white paper on “Implementing an Effective Response Management System” to evaluate ICS and other systems as models for future response policies and procedures.  Our ICS instructors possess FEMA and USCG certifications for levels ICS 100-400 and ICS 700.  SEA has supported clients in implementing the preparedness cycle for three decades.

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