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Balancing human dependency, use, and impacts on the natural environment with conservation is an ongoing global challenge.  The land-water interfaces are valuable and vulnerable parts of the environment.  Conflicts in priorities and values are inevitable.  SEA provides services to help plan for multiple and conflicting uses of the environment, and to protect or mitigate environmental impacts in accordance with the Clean Water Act, the Coastal Zone Management Act, CERCLA, Endangered Species Act, among others.  Beyond regulatory compliance services, SEA provides program technical support and technical studies, sustainable development support, sampling, stakeholder outreach and consensus building, workshops and seminars on long-standing and/or emerging environmental issues.  

For new projects, SEA works with commercial, regulatory and community stakeholders to identify and assess siting criteria, concerns and options.In a landmark project, SEA personnel developed a study, simultaneously using industry and environmental criteria, to site offshore pipelines for outer continental shelf oil and gas development in the Mid-Atlantic.  With our skill sets and experience, SEA builds bridges of dialogue to reconcile issues of concern and develop opportunities for constructive paths forward.  

SEA has supported both private and public sector clients on environmental matters with integrity.  Under START subcontracts, SEA personnel support the US EPA in gathering sampling data and other information for enforcement actions on hazardous waste sites and removal actions.  We also help private clients prevent or mitigate environmental impacts from project activities or pollution, e.g., through ecological risk assessments.  For EPA Region III, SEA developed the national prototype for position for coastal resource coordinators (CRCs) to assess the environmental impacts of hazardous waste on coastal resources and a course on General Environmental Awareness for Federal Facilities.

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