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Without energy, everything stops.  Sustaining energy supply is a vital priority to everyone.  But assuring a constant energy supply has policy, compliance, and practical challenges, accompanied by stakeholder conflicts about the right mix of energy sources, associated environmental impacts and consequences of energy emergencies.  SEA personnel have provided public and private sector technical support for energy programsand projects, ranging from siting decisions and regulatory compliance for offshore oil and gas and LNG/LHG facilities and pipelines, environmental compliance, comprehensive HSSE programs, security compliance, and emergency management support for utilities including power generation and distribution, water and waste.  Past and present utility clients include: Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc., Dominion Power, PSE&G, GenOn, US Power Generation, and Reliant Corporation. To support industry consensus where possible, SEA has also provided technical support to energy trade associations, including the American Petroleum Institute (API), International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers (GIIGNL), and the Sector Coordination Council (SCC) Emergency Management (EM) Workgroup.  

We have current credentials in gas, steam and electric generation and distribution; our associates have credentials in nuclear energy and renewable energy supplies, e.g., offshore wind and solar. 

Offshore Energy Development 

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